Oatly PLUS Drink [+Calcium] / 6x1L
  • Oatly Healthy Oat Enriched, added with vitamins and calcium, is an excellent alternative to milk. It is free of milk protein, lactose and soya. Oatly Healthy Oat Enriched has a fat content of 1.5% and can be used in exactly the same way as their organic oat drink. The nutritional balance of Oatly Healthy Oat Enriched is excellent, and it's rich in soluble oat fibres which can reduce raised cholesterol levels.

  • Oat base (water, oats 10%), rapeseed oil, salt, vitamins (D, riboflavin, folic acid and B12), calcium.

  • Not certified gluten-free (may contain gluten)... if you have any other verifiable information regarding allergies relating to this item, please let us know
Oatly PLUS Drink [+Calcium]   vgfftogs xN.B. this item cannot be split!