General Terms & Conditions of Trade

Office Hours

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 0800 – 1700.

If you phone outside these hours, or your call goes unanswered (we will be on another line), please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Warehouse hours

We are open for trade customers  Monday to Friday 0800 – 1700

Please be aware that Monday a.m. is when we receive our main deliveries and can therefore be very busy!

Cash & Carry  hours

Mon :    Closed all day
Tue  : 12.00pm - 5.00pm
Wed : 12.00pm - 5.00pm
Thu  : 12.00pm - 5.00pm
Fri    : 10.00am - 6.00pm
Sat   :   9.00am - 1.00pm

Please note

  • we are closed to cash and carry customers on Mondays 
  • later opening hours on Fridays
  • half day on Saturdays.

Pre-arranged collections can be made outside of these hours, but please get in touch first!

Hours may vary during Bank Holidays and over Christmas and the New Year.

All purchases have to go through a customer account.
Setting up an account is a simple process and can be done in the following ways: 

If you already have a customer account but would like to order on our website please here . It would help us link the accounts if you know your customer number,

email us if you need any help!

We do not pass any customer details onto third parties or send you unsolicited mail.

Deliveries are free if minimum order values are met. A delivery charge will apply if the order value is below this minimum.

If a delivery charge is applied, this will be subject to VAT.

If any items are out of stock, you will not be charged for these items, however if you would like these to be re-ordered this will be considered a new order and minimum order values for free delivery will apply again.

If you are ordering items that we don’t have in stock, we will need to order these in for you, for this reason the best way to use our service is to place you order by 5pm on the Thursday the week before your delivery.

We will confirm every order received and provide a delivery date. 

We will be in touch the day before your delivery with an estimated delivery time and any stock information.

We will acknowledge all orders placed with us via the website or email.

If you do not receive a reply within 1 working day, then it is best to assume we haven’t received the order so give us a call.

All orders should be checked at the time of delivery or collection with a member of Lembas staff. Any errors will be noted at this time. 

We may require a signature from the customer or customer’s agent.

This signature acknowledges receipt of all the items, their condition and price. 

We may not accept liability for any errors after this time.

We do not offer goods on a ‘sale or return’ basis. 

Returns can only be made with prior approval from us.

We cannot accept returns on chilled or frozen goods or items that have been prices for re-sale. 

Any item returned must be in the same condition in which it was received.

We are happy to round up your order for collection, just give us at least half a days’ notice (the bigger the order the more notice please!)

Please be aware that if your order contains ‘non stock’ items that we have to order in from our suppliers, we would need your order in with us by 5pm the Thursday before your collection.

We will reserve items for you for 2 weeks once they arrive with us before releasing them for resale.

If you no longer require an item you have ordered, or you will be delayed in collecting it, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please note we reserve the right to charge a 20% cancellation fee for any items ordered but not collected.

Our Cash & Carry service is open to the public and trade.

There is no minimum spend however, as we are a wholesaler, we do ask that at least one full case or whole item (i.e. 5Kg of Lentils) is purchased each transaction.

We carry many products that are available for sale as split cases or single items; these are subject to a 10% surcharge for non-trade Cash & Carry customers.

Please be aware you will effectively be browsing our ‘stock room’ so there may be items on the shelves that have been specially ordered in or reserved for other customers – we simply don’t have the space to remove all these reserved items!

The most up-to-date pricing and product information is available through our website, however this is subject to change without prior notice.

Pricing and product information in our paper catalogue is correct at the time of going to print however these are printed at best quarterly so please be aware this information is also subject to change without prior notice.

There is a 10% surcharge for products purchased in less than full case amounts by non-trade customers. 

Products are listed excluding VAT. Where a product attracts VAT there will be a small VAT or V next to the price. This is because most of our business is with trade accounts who prefer to view pricing exclusive of VAT.

We offer small discounts to repeat Trade and registered Co-Operative accounts.

Trade discount is 2% for orders before VAT of £200 - £299, and 3% for £300+.

Co-operative discount is 1% for orders before VAT of £350 - £499, 2% for £500 - £1,499 and 3% for £1,500+.

Discounts are not automatically applied and are offered at our discretion.

Discounts may not be offered for accounts in arrears or on an order placed late.


Payment is due on receipt of goods unless by prior arrangement.

Payment is possible by Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit Card, Cheque or Cash.

Our Bank Details are found at the bottom of every invoice, please use your customer number as a reference. If you have any queries about the amount you owe or questions about your invoice, credit note etc. please contact our Accounts department on the main line, option 2 or email Remittance advice is very welcome to the same email.

To pay via Credit or Debit Card over the phone please call our Accounts department on the main line, option 2. Please note Lembas does not retain any card details.

Cash can be given to driver with prior arrangement but please be aware the driver may not have any change for you.

Cheques can be given to the driver or posted to us, but please do double check with us the amount you are paying as correcting errors made on cheques can be a lengthy process. 

We reserve the right to charge a minimum of £10.00, or 1% of the value of the cheque (if greater) on any dishonoured or represented cheques.

All goods remain the property of Lembas Limited until paid in full.

Any credit claims should be made within 3 days verbally and within 7 days in writing. 
It is preferable that you, or an agent of yours, receive and check your delivery/collection with a member of staff, as any credit claim can be confirmed and dealt with promptly.

If a claim is agreed, we will issue a credit note which will be available to deduct from your next payment.

Any outstanding credit on a customer account to the value of £10.00 or less will be written off after 6 months unless otherwise agreed with the account holder.

We reserve the right to refuse claims made against damaged items not sold in their whole cases.

Organic Status

We have been certified by the Organic Food Federation for the packing and distribution of organic produce since 1997. You can view our certificate here .

Allergens - especially Nut and Gluten.

We are unable to guarantee that any commodities we process or package are free from any allergens. We do not have space for a dedicated allergen free area and we do pack down allergen containing commodities. We clean down in-between different commodities and try to pack down allergen containing commodities at the end of the day. However the risk of cross contamination is not zero.

We are unable to guarantee that commodities in their natural state are 100% gluten or allergen free. They may have been contaminated in-between harvest and delivery to us.

All items guaranteed by the manufacturer as Gluten Free show our gluten free icon as part of the product description in our catalogue.

Stones or pips in commodities

Almost all the commodities we sell have been re-cleaned for sale in the EU or UK. However as yet, there is no machine that can detect stones, fragments of pip or similar contaminants. It is important, therefore, that all commodities be checked over thoroughly before use.

Fair Trade

Whilst we support the buying and selling of fairly traded products, we are not currently registered as a fair trade seller. All items that are guaranteed by the manufacturer as Fair Trade show our fair trade icon as part of the product description in our catalogue.