About Us

Our Products

Vegan & Vegetarian

None of our goods contain products from dead animals

Many of our products are purely plant based


We are Organic Food Federation Certified and carry a large range of organically certified products, both branded and commodities we pack down on site.


We are primarily a wholesaler and although we carry thousands of items in stock and available to purchase in smaller quantities, there are many more items only available in full cases.

GMO free

None of our food products contain GMOs

Our Business

Employee ownership

Lembas is 100% owned by its employees – us! 

Equal say

Lembas is run as a cooperative. All employees have an equal say in the decision making process

Equal pay

All employees are paid at the same rate

Living wage accredited

What more can we say!

Our Environment


We recycle all our paper, card, plastic, glass and anything else we can

We have a 26kWp solar panel system on our warehouse roof, this reduces our CO2 emissions by around 9 tonnes a year

Our warehouse lighting has been upgraded with low energy LED bulbs

The cellophane bags we pack commodities down into is home compostable and derived from wood pulp (NatureFlex) and our larger plastic bags are recyclable.

Buying in bulk reduces carbon footprint, fewer trips to the shops! 

Setting up a buying group with your neighbours or people in your area can also help, as we make one delivery saving many individual journeys.

We have created a wildlife garden full of pollinator friendly plants and flowers on the land beside our warehouse!