Beaming Baby Totally Unfragrenced Degradable Nappy Sacks (roll) / 10x60bags
  • Beaming baby's bio-degradable nappy sacks contain an additive, put into the plastic at the extrusion stage, that will make the finished product oxo-biodegradable so that it will degrade and disappear in a short timescale, leaving no fragments, no methane and no harmful residues. What does biodegradable mean? Capable of being decomposed by biological agents, especially bacteria. It means that a product has the ability to break down into it's basic elements. And these elements will not be harmful to our environment. It is something that degrades naturally into the soil.

  • Not certified gluten-free (may contain gluten)... if you have any other verifiable information regarding allergies relating to this item, please let us know
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