Faith Body Wash - Aloe Vera / 6x400ml
  • Shower and refresh, or have a relaxing soak in a fragrant foam bath. The pure regenerative, organic Aloe Vera gel and relaxing Ylang ylang oil can gently soothe stressed bodies and minds. For all skin types, Parabens & SLES free, No artificial preservatives or colours, pH balanced, Fully biodegradable. Faith in Nature was formed over 30 years ago by Rivka Rose with a mission to create superior natural beauty and household cleansing products. The current natural beauty offering encompasses eleven shampoos all with complementary conditioners, ten soaps and four hand washes, seven shower gel/foam baths, a natural skin care range, feminine products and the first 3-in-1 facial wipe to remove makeup, cleanse and moisturise. Recent product introductions include eco-conscious, re-fillable roll-on deodorants and a new Pomegranate & Rooibos range. Launched late in 2010, the Faith in Nature branded household cleansing range has already won accolades and awards. The natural, anti-bacterial, multi-surface cleaning wipes have attracted a great deal of favourable attention, as has the super concentrated laundry liquid that will provide up to 30 washes loads from just a single 1 Litre container. The company takes a strong ethical stance, not only with regard to the product ingredients, but also to other areas including animal cruelty, packaging and sourcing. Unusually, Faith in Nature also supplies many of its products in bulk sizes, which obviously reduces waste and costs. Natural and ethical – both in name and action.
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