Clearspring Hearty Red Instant Miso Soup / 8x4x10g
  • Clearspring Hearty Red Miso Soup is a dark variety with wakame sea vegetable that has a stronger flavour. Non-organic.

  • Freeze-dried miso (94%) (rice, whole soya beans, sea salt),dried green onions, wakame sea vegetable (1%). The convenient sachets of instant miso soup make a tasty, nourishing soup simply by adding hot water. They are ideal for keeping handy at home, at work and when travelling. Clearspring Instant Miso Soup is produced in Japan to an original recipe. The exceptionally rich taste comes from combining the finest traditional ingredients without adding any MSG. Freeze-drying, unlike pasteurisation, ensures that all the enzymatic properties of the miso are preserved in each soup

  • Not certified gluten-free (may contain gluten)... if you have any other verifiable information regarding allergies relating to this item, please let us know
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